Advanced Biology Kit for Apex Learning

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The Advanced Biology Kit for Apex Learning (equipment only)

(Note: This kit does NOT include the manual.)

This kit is the equipment and supplies only for Quality Science Labs Advanced Biology Kit.  The manual with all the needed instructions is supplied through Apex Learning's online system.  If you would like a printed manual only, click here.  For bulk orders you may use this shopping cart or contact Quality Science Labs at 866-700-1884 for more information.  A microscope is required for use with this kit. If you don’t have a microscope we recommend the MSK-01.

Lab Titles:

Lab 1: Diffusion, Osmosis and their connection to transpiration in plants
  Pre lab Questions
  Lab 1.1: Surface Area and Cell Size
  Lab 1.2: Part 1 - Modeling Diffusion and Osmosis
               Part 2 - Observing Osmosis
               Part 3 - Student Guided Inquiry, Water Potential in Plant Tissues

Lab 2: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium: Modeling Allele Frequencies in Populations
  Pre-lab and Questions: Estimating Allele Frequencies
  Lab 2.1: A Micro-Evolution Simulation
  Lab 2.2: Part 1 - Estimating Allele Frequencies Tutorial
               Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry

Lab 3: Comparing DNA Sequences (BLAST)
  Pre-lab and Questions: Cladograms
  Lab 3.1: Part 1 - BLAST Practice
               Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry

Lab 4: Cell Division: Mitosis and Meiosis
  Pre-lab and Questions: Loss of Cell Cycle Control in Cancer
  Lab 4.1  Part 1 - Environmental Effects on Mitosis
               Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry
  Lab 4.2 Meiosis and Crossing Over in Sordaria

Lab 5 Enzyme Activity
  Pre-lab Questions
  Lab 5.1: Enzyme Specificity
  Lab 5.2: Enzyme Rate of Reaction Assay and Baseline
  Lab 5.3  Part 1 - Determining the Effect of pH on Enzymatic Activity
               Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry

Lab 6 Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
  Pre Lab and Questions
  Part A Photosynthesis
  Part B Cellular Respiration
  Lab 6.1  Part 1 - Floating Leaf Disk
               Part 2 - Cellular Respiration
               Part 3 - Student Guided Inquiry

Lab 7 Biotechnology: Bacterial Transformation
  Pre-lab and Questions: Genetic Engineering
  Lab 7.1: Part 1 - Bacterial Transformation
               Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry
  Lab 7.2: Calculating Transformation Efficiency

Lab 8 Energy Dynamics
  Pre-lab Questions
  Lab 8.1  Part 1 - Energy Transfer and Productivity

Supplies Included:
9-volt battery
24-well reaction plate
Beads, black
Beads, white
Beaker, plastic 150 mL
Beaker, plastic 30mL
Beaker, plastic 50mL
Conductivity Tester
Cups, 2 oz
Cups, 8 oz, foam
Cups, 9 oz
Dialysis tubing
Digital scale
Gloves, disposable
Graduated cylinder, 10mL
Magnifying glass
Microscope coverslips
Microscope slides
Microscope slides, concave
Paper lunch bag
pH paper indicator strips
Pipet, 1mL, serological
Pipet, mini (fine tip)
Pipets, graduated
Razor blade, scalpel
Safety goggles
Syringe, 5cc
Syringe, 60cc
Test tube rack
Test tubes with caps
Tubing, ¼” x ⅝” silicon

Red food coloring
Hydrochloric acid, 0.1 M
Iodine solution
Toluidine blue stain (0.5%)

Glucose (dextrose)
Glucose test strips
Lactase tablets
Ovalbumin powder
pH Buffers 4.0 in test tube
pH Buffers 7.0 in test tube
pH Buffers 10.0 in test tube
Protein test strip
PTC Test strips
Yeast envelope

Biotech bacterial transformation kit