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We have partnered with several schools to provide science kits. There are new products for Johns Hopkins' CTY and Alpha Omega Academy. If you need kits for Johns Hopkins's CTY, Alpha Omega Academy, Western Christian Academy, or Southeast Academy, please see the links under the products section. Please call us if you need to order a kit for an unlisted school. READ MORE


"The home labs from Quality Science Labs are just excellent. These people really know what they are doing! If you are teaching upper level science to your own children or to a small classroom, these are the kits you have been looking for. These are hard to find gems and we highly recommend them!" READ MORE
Science can be easy to teach!
Developed by college and high school science instructors with over 133 years combined teaching experience. Our science lab kits are used by public and private schools, independent study students and homeschoolers. The kits step students through real science experiments to help them better understand science topics.

Featured Products

MicroPhySci Kit Standard Edition
A hands-on physical science lab kit for middle school.
MicroChem Kit Classroom Edition
Complete chemisty lab for high school. Two 119 page manuals and two goggles...
MicroChem Kit Standard with Organic Supplement
A hands-on chemistry lab for high school students with the organic supplement.
Advanced Biology Kit (advanced placement level biology kit)
A hands-on advanced placement level biology lab kit for high school students...
Advanced MicroChem Kit (advanced placement level chemistry kit)
A hands-on AP chemistry lab kit for high school students or first year college.
QSL Biology Lab Kit AOP
A hands-on biology lab for high school students.
QSL Earth Science Lab Kit
QSL Earth Sciece Lab Kit