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QSL Physics Lab kit AOP

This kit is coordinated with Alpha Omega (click here for curricula coordination information).  The kit helps students really understand physics topics. The 32 labs (34 if counting the introductory experiments) guide students through real experiments using similar equipment found in public and private schools. The innovative hands-on laboratory exercises were developed to be usable in a home or classroom while clearly teaching scientific principles. Step-by-step instructions enable the student to successfully accomplish each experiment with little to no instructor supervision. These are serious physics lab experiments to prepare your students for higher education. Use with adult supervision, for ages 14 and up.

58 different types of equipment and 280 page manual - all in a plastic container.

Introduction A: Scientific Investigation

Introduction B: Scientific Analysis
1. A Recording Timer, The acceleration of gravity
2. Newton's Second Law
3. The Sum of vectors
4. Acceleration on an Inclined Plane
5. Potential and Kinetic Energy
6. Coefficient of Friction
7. Work and Power
8. Projective Motion
9. Impulse And Momentum
10. Conservation of Momentum
11. Conservation of Energy and Momentum
12. Mechanical Advantage of a Simple Machine
13. Hooke's Law, a Spring Constant
14. Centripetal Force
15. A Pendulum
16. The Speed of Sound in Air
17. Specific Heat of Aluminum
18. Latent Heat of Fusion
19. Curved Mirrors
20. Refraction
21. Lenses
22. Wavelength of a Laser Beam
23. Wavelengths of the Visible Spectrum
24. Laser Measurements
25. Static Electricity
26. An Electronic Breadboard
27. Ohm's Law
28. Capacitors
29. Diodes
30. Transistors
31. Magnetic Fields
32. Electric Magnets, Electric Motor