Silicon Valley High School Chemistry Lab Kit

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  • Silicon Valley High School Chemistry science lab kit
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Silicon Valley High School Chemistry Lab Kit

This Chemistry Lab Kit is customized for Silicon Valley High School.

The laboratory portion of a chemistry class can be a concern for teachers with limited lab facilities. This includes teachers in private schools, public schools, charter schools, and home schools. This manual and the accompanying kit are an effort to help solve this problem. The laboratory exercises have been designed with three goals in mind: educational challenge, safety, and convenience for the teacher.

This kit, intended for the laboratory portion of the course, is based on the microscale method. This relatively new approach to chemistry gives students a lab experience as good as or better than the usual methods, but uses about 1/100th of the chemicals. The experiments are much safer and disposal much easier.

The chemical solutions are pre-mixed and in dropping bottles that give constant drop size. This eliminates the need to mix solutions, greatly reduces spills, and reduces set-up time to a few minutes. The only chemicals not in the kit are sugar, table salt, and vinegar.

The Labs
1. Paper Chromatography
2. Properties of a Group in the Periodic Table
3. Atomic Orbital Models
4. Hybridization of Orbitals
5. Electrical Conductivity
6. Decomposition
7. Double Replacement Reaction
8. Analysis of Hydrates
9. Mole Ratios
10. Boyle’s Law
11. Charles’ Law
12. Melting Points
13. Freezing Point Depression
14. Enthalpy of Ice
15. Reaction Rates, Concentration
16. Reaction Rates, Temperature
17. Solubility Product Constant
18. pH and pH Indicators
19. Titration
20. Molar Mass by Titration
21. Buffers
22. Oxidation-Reduction

Contents of the kit
Battery, 9-volt
Beakers, plastic: 15-, 30-, 150-mL
Beaker, glass, 50-mL
Capillary tubes
Chromatography paper
Conductivity apparatus
Cotton swabs
Digital balance
Digital voltmeter
Electrolysis device
Felt-tip pen
Graduated cylinder, 10 mL, plastic
Measuring spoon, 1 mL
Paper clip
Pipe cleaners
Pipets, graduated, mini, thin stem
Plastic toothpicks
Polystyrene foam balls, oval
Polystyrene foam balls, round
Polystyrene foam cover
Reaction plate, 96-well
Reaction plate, 24-well
Rubber bands
Safety goggles
Spring clamp
Test tubes: 6 x 50 mm, 12 x 75 mm
Test tube, large
Thermometer, -20ºC to 110ºC
Washing bottle
Wire gauze
Wood splints
Calcium Sulfate
Cetyl alcohol
Magnesium sulfate
Palmitic acid
Potassium hydrogen phthalate
Acetic acid, 0.1 M
Bromophenol blue indicator
Calcium nitrate, 0.1 M
Copper nitrate. 0.1 M
Distilled water
Hydrochloric acid, 0.1 M
Iron nitrate, 0.1 M
Nickel nitrate, 0.1 M
Phenolphthalein indicator paper
Potassium hydroxide, 0.1 M
Potassium iodide, 0.1 M
Sodium acetate, 0.1 M
Sodium hydroxide, 0.1 M
Sodium oxalate, 0.1 M
Sodium sulfate, 0.1 M
Sodium thiosulfate, 0.1 M
Universal indicator paper
Zinc nitrate, 0.1 M