Calvert Education Physics Manual Faith Based

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Calvert Education High School Physics Lab Manual FAITH BASED

This manual, with a strong Christian emphasis, has 31 exciting and challenging experiments.  This manual includes instructions for the Calvert Education Physics Lab Kit Term 1 and Term 2.

Note: If you prefer a non-faith based (secular) version of this manual please check the Calvert Education Physics Manual.

To do the full year of labs for one lab station of one to four students you would need the Term 1 kit, the Term 2 kit, and at least one manual (ideally one manual per student).

The experiments are laid out with:

  • The goals or learning objectives
  • The materials and equipment included and commonly available items that you may need to be supply
  • An introduction of the science concept(s)
  • A Bible devotional relating the science concept to God or to life
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Data collection and questions

Included experiments:

  1. Scientific Analysis
  2. Scientific Investigation
  3. Sum of Vectors
  4. Projectile Motion
  5. Recording Timer and Acceleration of Gravity
  6. Newton's Second Law
  7. Centripetal Force
  8. Acceleration on an Inclined Plane
  9. Coefficient of Friction
  10. Work and Power
  11. Hook's Law, Elastic Potential Energy
  12. Potential and Kinetic Energy
  13. Impulse and Momentum
  14. Momentum and Collisions
  15. Conservation of Momentum, Collisions
  16. Conservation of Energy and Momentum
  17. Hydrostatics, Pascal’s Principle
  18. Latent Heat of Fusion
  19. Mechanical Advantage of a Simple Machine
  20. A Pendulum
  21. Speed of Sound in Air
  22. Specific Heat of Metal
  23. Wavelength of a Laser Light
  24. Wavelengths of the Visible Spectrum
  25. Refraction
  26. Reflections from a Curved Mirror
  27. Lenses
  28. Static Electricity
  29. An Electronic Breadboard
  30. Ohm's Law
  31. Diodes and Transistors