Calvert Education Biology Kit Term 1

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Calvert Education High School Biology Lab Kit for Term 1

This kit is designed to be used with either the Calvert Biology Lab Manual or the Calvert Faith Based Biology Lab Manual.  The kit has all the needed supplies and equipment to do the experiments for the first term.  A manual is not included with the kit and must be ordered separately.  This gives the user the option to choose either a secular-based perspective or a faith-based perspective when doing the biology labs.

To do the full year of labs for one lab station of 1 to 4 students you would need this kit, and the Term 2 kit, and at least one of the above manuals (ideally one manual per student). A microscope is required. We recommend the MSK-01 microscope if you don't already have one.

Experiments in the Term 1 Kit:

 1.  Using a Microscope
 2.  Cell Lab: Selectively Permeable Membrane
 3.  Photosynthesis
 4.  Observing Chloroplasts
 5.  Mitosis
 6.  DNA Model Lab
 7.  Mutation Lab
 8.  DNA Extraction
 9.  DNA Fingerprinting
10. Natural Selection
11. Ecology
12. Classification

Additional experiments are available in the Term 2 Kit:

13. Forms of Bacteria
14. Protista Lab
15. Fungi Lab
16. Cell Lab: Plant and Animal Cells
17. Monocot and Dicot Root Leaf and Stem
18. Parts of a Flower
19. Dissection: Worm
20. Dissection: Fish
21. Muscle Cell Lab
22. Lung Capacity
23. Blood Cells
24. Dissection: Pig