Calvert Education Earth Science Manual Faith Based

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Calvert Education High School/Middle School Earth Science Lab Manual FAITH BASED

This manual, with a strong Christian emphasis, has 32 exciting and challenging experiments.  This manual includes instructions for the Calvert Education Earth Science lab kit Term 1 and Term 2.

Note: If you prefer a non-faith based (secular) version of this manual please check the Calvert Education Earth Science Manual.

To do a full year of labs for one lab station of one to four students you would need the Term 1 kit, and the Term 2 kit, and at least one manual (ideally one manual per student).

The experiments are laid out with:

  • The goals or learning objectives
  • The materials and equipment included and commonly available items that you may need to be supply
  • An introduction of the science concept(s)
  • A Bible devotional relating the science concept to God or to life
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Data collection and questions

Included experiments:

         1. Determining the Age of an Object
 2. Earth’s Density
 3. Properties of Minerals
 4. Determining the Specific Gravity of Minerals
 5. Rock Identification
 6. Earthquake Locations
 7. The Steepness of a Volcano
 8. Scientific Investigation
 9. Glacial Dynamics
10. Water in the Atmosphere
11. Observing Pressure Changes
12. Effects of Air Pressure Differences
13. Air Variables
14. Dew Point
15. Greenhouse Effects
16. Ocean Water, Salinity and Density
17. Wave Depth, Wave Velocity and Tsunamis
18. Variation in Sunrise and Sunset Times
19. Retrograde Motion of Mars
20. Telescopes
21. Counting the Visible Stars
22. Planetary Orbits
23. Orbit of Mercury
24. Orbital Speeds
25. Moon Viewing
26. Moon Cycles
27. Rotation of the Moon
28. Diameter of the Sun
29. Sunspots Cycles
30. Extremely Large Measurements, The Solar System
31. Star Viewing 1
32. Star Viewing 2