Advanced Biology Printed Manual Only

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Advanced Biology Printed Manual Only

Apex Learning customers will have a digital manual provided through their online system.  This PRINTED manual is available as a convenience for use with the Quality Science Labs Advanced Biology kit for Apex Learning and is optional for Apex customers.

This manual covers all the new 2012 requirements from the College Board®. The manual will lead your students through eight advanced placement level labs as listed below

Lab Titles:

Lab 1: Diffusion, Osmosis and their connection to transpiration in plants

Pre lab Questions

Lab 1.1: Surface Area and Cell Size

Lab 1.2: Part 1 - Modeling Diffusion and Osmosis

             Part 2 - Observing Osmosis

             Part 3 - Student Guided Inquiry, Water Potential in Plant Tissues

Lab 2: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium: Modeling Allele Frequencies in Populations

Pre-lab and Questions: Estimating Allele Frequencies

Lab 2.1: A Micro-Evolution Simulation

Lab 2.2: Part 1 - Estimating Allele Frequencies Tutorial

             Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry

Lab 3: Comparing DNA Sequences (BLAST)

Pre-lab and Questions: Cladograms

Lab 3.1: Part 1 - BLAST Practice

             Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry

Lab 4: Cell Division: Mitosis and Meiosis

Pre-lab and Questions: Loss of Cell Cycle Control in Cancer

Lab 4.1  Part 1 - Environmental Effects on Mitosis

             Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry

Lab 4.2 Meiosis and Crossing Over in Sordaria

Lab 5 Enzyme Activity

Pre-lab Questions

Lab 5.1: Enzyme Specificity

Lab 5.2: Enzyme Rate of Reaction Assay and Baseline

Lab 5.3  Part 1 - Determining the Effect of pH on Enzymatic Activity

             Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry

Lab 6 Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Pre Lab and Questions

              Part A Photosynthesis

              Part B Cellular Respiration

Lab 6.1  Part 1 - Floating Leaf Disk

               Part 2 - Cellular Respiration

               Part 3 - Student Guided Inquiry

Lab 7 Biotechnology: Bacterial Transformation

Pre-lab and Questions: Genetic Engineering

Lab 7.1: Part 1 - Bacterial Transformation

             Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry

Lab 7.2: Calculating Transformation Efficiency

Lab 8 Energy Dynamics

Pre-lab Questions

Lab 8.1  Part 1 - Energy Transfer and Productivity

             Part 2 - Student Guided Inquiry