Silicon Valley High School Biology Lab kit

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Silicon Valley High School Biology Lab Kit

This Biology Lab Kit is customized for Silicon Valley High School. 
Note-  this kit does NOT include any dissection specimens, mat or tray, therefore the
Dissection Labs cannot be completed.

Laboratory experiments can be a challenge for teachers in schools or home schools. This manual and the accompanying kit are an effort to help solve this problem. These hands-on laboratory exercises have been designed with two principle goals in mind: 1) educational challenge and 2) convenience for the teacher. Every experiment is written to clearly teach a scientific concept.  The equipment is chosen to produce a kit that is affordable, compact, and durable. The kit is only intended for the laboratory portion of the course.

The Labs:

1. Using a Microscope

2. Cell Lab: Selectively Permeable Membrane

3. Cell Lab: Plant and Animal Cells

4. Observing Chloroplasts

5. Photosynthesis

6. Mitosis

7. DNA Model Lab

8. Mutation Lab

9. DNA Extraction

10. DNA Fingerprinting

11. Classification

12. Forms of Bacteria

13. Protist Lab

14. Fungi Lab

15. Monocot and Dicot Root Leaf and Stem

16. Plant Leaves

17. Parts of a Flower

18. Dissection: Worm

19. Dissection: Crayfish

20. Dissection: Grasshopper

21. Dissection: Fish

22. Dissection: Frog

23. Bone Comparison

24. Ecology

25. Muscle Cell Lab

26. Lung Capacity

27. Energy Packed Food

28. Calories to Burn

29. Blood Cells

30. Dissection: Cow Eye

31. Memory

32. Dissection: Pig

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